Never Send A Text or Email During These 7 Situations! Leave Your Comments Below!

Subscribe to get more Business Tips Like This! Never send a Text -or- Email - [ ] When You or the recipient are upset. - [ ] When Your Info. Prompts Questions.. - [ ] When it’s sensitive issues. - [ ] When it’s negative issues. - [ ] When you need to negotiate or persuade. - [ ] When you need to convey a lot of details. - [ ] When the Context & Tone could get misconstrued. - [ ] When it’s about money or cost of an item/service.

How to Manage a Construction Business using Facebook Messenger!

Video Overview of how we use Facebook Messenger to help our Construction Projects run smoothly using what we call our “Prove It With Video” process using Facebook Messenger! Inspect what you expect while being omnipresent on all your construction projects!

Working on VideoMasterClass for Contractors Course

Working on VideoMasterClass for Contractors Course. 🎥 Subscribe at Happs: #live #Happs #Construction #HomeBuilding #GeneralContractor #VideoMarketing #Entreprenuer

Lumber Prices during the Pandemic

Expensive Lumber Prices during the Pandemic 😷

One Of Construction Companies Biggest Problems Solved in 8mins… Watch Full Explanation

We show the best way we ensure: Communication, Expectations, Checklists & Processes are followed simply by Proving That What Is Expected Has Been Followed To. “t” by adjusting how we run our day-to-day business And incorporating video in every aspect of our construction business.

Like watching HGTV? Subscribe To Follow This CouplesHome 🏡 Build Journey from Start to Finish!

We all love watching #HGTV and the #RealityTVshows! We like to show what the #CustomHomeDesign & #CustomHomeBuild #Process looks like from #RealConstructionProjects that we work along side the #HomeOwners and educate our viewers the #ConstructionPlanning, #ConstructionBudgeting, #HomeDesignProcess, #InteriorExteriorSelectionsProcess, #MortgageApprovalProcess and the Complete #ConstructionProcess using our actual #ConstructionProjects... Subscribe to our Youtube Channel by clicking this link:

Top Rated General Contractor For Commercial Construction In Moore County NC!

#AberdeenNC #PinehurstNC #SouthernPinesNC Our 22,000 Square Foot Commercial Construction 🦺 🚧 is going smoothly! Foundation will be going in soon!

Join Our Team as a Construction Manager / Superintendent

Start the application process now by clicking this link: Hey, I am Ralphael Locklear with SouthEastern General Contractors and We’re Looking For our next “Ideal” team member for the Construction Manager / Superintent Position! This person must have Extensive Experience with the whole Construction Process from Trees to Keys! This person must be able to manage Residential, Commercial and Government Construction Projects also. The Ideal Construction Manager / Superintendent will have Great People Skills, Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills and This person will be “Process Driven” just as much as we are. The Ideal Candidate will “Think Outside The Box” and will Instinctively know how to Anticipate Issues on the Jobsite and will already have a Plan A, B and C in place in advance to ensure potential issues don’t become a problem. The Pay for this position…. Will be a REALLY GREAT SALARY! Company Vehicle shall be provided, Company Gas Card shall be provided, An Excellent Work/Team Environment that you’ll love being a part of! If you’re looking for an opportunity to utilize your Construction Management Skills with a Growing Company who’s Goal is to Master Our Crafts and to be a Blessing To Others while helping our Team Members reach their fullest potential, Then we may be a Great Fit for one another! The Good News, is we’re a High Tech Construction Company, and you’re able to do an Interview with our company right now, AND if you are the right fit… you could find yourself in an awesome work environment with an awesome team sooner than you think!

Fort Bragg North Carolina Contracting Officers: We're a Licensed GC, Ready To Help With Construction

Fort Bragg North Carolina Contracting Officers: We're Licensed General Contractors Ready To Help With Construction! #FortBraggContractingOfficer #FortBraggNCConstructionCompanies, #ContractorsOnFtBraggNC #8aContractor, #HubzoneCertified Call 910.390.1062 or Email: My name is Ralphael Locklear, I am the founder and CEO SouthEastern General Contracting, Inc. We have over 17yrs of Construction experience. We're #ConstructionContractors On #Fort Bragg NC Let me show you our Capabilities... 1. We’re an Unlimited Licensed General Contractor with a Bonding Capacity up to $65m on a single project and $100m+ for aggregate work! 2. We’re 8a & Hubzone Certified, we also are a Native American Owned Small Business! 3. Our Primary NAICS Code is 236220 4. We specialize in Building, Site Development, Utilities, and many other types of Construction work. 5. We’re currently in the SBA is 8a mentor protégé program with Metcon Inc. which is the largest Minority-Owned General contracting company in the state of North Carolina Metcon has a national reach that enables us to pursue and complete work anywhere in the continental US and in Puerto Rico 6. Oh yeah! Almost forgot to mention that we are local, our office is in Hope Mills... so we are literally right in Fort Bragg’s.... backyard!... we are also the highest-rated General Contractor in the state with 90+ Five Star Reviews online... 7. Finally, We have been awarded 5 contracts so far at Ft. Bragg 8. So... if you’d rather work with a contractor... who - makes your job easier - not ask you a million questions every day - Isn’t afraid to make a decision - And will simply get the job done, on time, and be a blessing to work with... - If this sounds good to you all that we ask is to try us on an 8a or Hubzone set aside or sole source construction project... Thank You! For taking the time to view our video capabilities brochure! We have also included our Capability Statement in a printed version as well along with our bonding letters! If there is a current opportunity we can assist with, please don’t hesitate to call me directly at 910.390.1062 we can typically turn around bids in 24hrs - 48hrs… and some cases within hours! Thank you in advance for viewing our Capabilities! I look forward to speaking & working with you soon! fort bragg nc micc 8a contractors military base contractors top defense contractors 2021 Marine Corps Base Camp Lejune NC Construction Companies Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point NC Construction Companies Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Construction Companies Fort Bragg NC Construction Companies Contractors on Fort Bragg NC

Thinkers vs Doers??? 🤔 vs 👷🏼‍♂️Who Wins?

Which Are You? Which Is Better? Thinkers 🤔 vs Doers 👷🏼‍♂️??? Thinker -vs- Doer Thinkers are the people who have a strategic or creative mindset, who plan everything before taking action on a task. Doers are people that jump into a task without thinking twice and figure things out as they go. Doers change the world for a moment. Thinkers change it forever. The way teams or individuals alternate between these two mindsets is has a major role in efficiency. The Thinker Pro’s - [ ] Creative, Open Mindset & Full Of Ideas - [ ] Thinks Outside the Box - [ ] Ability to analyze their surroundings - [ ] Has a Strong Attention to Detail - [ ] Is Good With Money - [ ] Plans Ahead before taking action - [ ] Anticipates Potential Issues - [ ] Anticipates Different Scenarios - [ ] Strategizes - [ ] Visualizes The Process - [ ] Visualizes the “And, Or, If’s” - [ ] Visualizes the 2nd, 3rd order effects of Changes, Pivots, issues. Con’s - [ ] To be blunt, thinkers just don't have balls. - [ ] Typically don’t get much of anything done! - [ ] Gets stuck, gets overwhelmed - [ ] Makes excuses why they they haven’t put their ideas into action - [ ] Due to the thinkers’ attention to fine detail, they are unable to just simply focus on the bigger picture and get the thing off the ground - [ ] Paralysis By Analysts - [ ] Fear of making a mistake - [ ] Fear of making a decision - [ ] Fear of the unknown - [ ] Things can go down the tube with one wrong move and thinkers are well aware & afraid of that - [ ] Afraid of what could be, thinkers tend to wait for opportunity or change to happen to them, rather than go after it, which it rarely ever does. Because of this fear, thinkers don’t live up to their potential. - [ ] Makes things way more complicated that it needs to be! The Doer Pro’s - [ ] The doer, Takes initiative - [ ] The doer is brave, tough, persistent, hard to intimidate, hard working, and generally happier than the thinker. - [ ] The doer, will take chances against all odds, and if sh*t hits the fan, they will keep moving forward no matter what. - [ ] Con’s - [ ] Typically people who jump into a task without thinking and will figure things out as they go.. - [ ] Will get things Done, but often times not done correctly... this leading to having to redo the tasks over due to poor planning or lack of attention to detail on in ability to have situational awareness. - [ ] If you asked a doer to jump off a cliff after a friend, the doer would gladly oblige without giving thought to any potential sharp rocks down below, how cold the water is or being attacked by some nautical beast. The see it needs to be done so they leap into action! - [ ] The doer has the drive to get stuff done but often loses sense of direction, or often makes one wrong move to blow the bridge to the path to success straight to hell, making it much tougher to obtain their goals. - [ ] The doer can get easily distracted and end up wandering off the path. - [ ] Doers will press on until they permanently wedge themselves between a rock and a hard place and cannot continue further, usually running into some serious financial issues. So, in order to really be a success, you need the mind of the thinker, but the balls of a doer.  You need to have those great clever ideas and a strategy to back it up. You need the drive and determination to get to that goal. You need to be persistent and tough, along with being smart enough to be a step ahead of the obstacles laid before you. And when you are a strategy & plan of execution you get to work immediately and complete the task. Balance of the heart and mind, and of work and play, is needed to stay grounded in life. If you realize you are either a thinker or a doer, know that it is possible to balance out your qualities. It will take time to break bad habits like most things, but I assure you, it will be worth it. The Thinker/Doer - [ ] Creative & Open Mindset - [ ] Full Of Ideas - [ ] Thinks Outside the Box - [ ] Ability to analyze their surroundings - [ ] Has a Strong Attention to Detail - [ ] Is Good With Money - [ ] Plans Ahead before taking action - [ ] Anticipates Potential Issues - [ ] Anticipates Different Scenarios - [ ] Strategizes - [ ] Visualizes The Process - [ ] Visualizes the “And, Or, If’s” - [ ] Visualizes the 2nd, 3rd order effects of Changes, Pivots, issues. - [ ] The Thinker/Doer: Takes Action after thinking of the best strategy - [ ] The Thinker/Doer: Gets things done and done correctly because the have taken the time to plan things out and visualize the worse case scenarios.

Weather Delays and Construction

Follow along as we show you some of the most common issues with weather delays when it comes to Custom Home building #LETSBUILDTOGETHER 🔴SUBSCRIBE to our channel! 👍LIKE & 🗣COMMENT on this video!! ___________________________________________ 📲VISIT OUR WEBSITE 📲JOIN OUR FACEBOOK COMMUNITY

The first Stages of Home Building


Construction Business Tips! 13 Best Practices Custom Home Builders

Construction Business Tips! 13 Best Practices Custom Home Builders #ConstructionBusinessManagementTips #ContractorMarketing #HomeBuildingProcess #tip_to_run_a_successful_business 13 Tips To Run A Successful Construction Business And To Learn Construction Marketing In 2021! Need Help, Advice, or Coaching For Your Construction or Contracting Busines? To request a discovery call with our team click this link: We have over 17 years of Real-World Experience running our own Design/Business Construction Business and have wised that we could have found the right Mentor/Coach when we were first starting out and during the times when we were struggling......We are now offering the knowledge, skills, years of experience to those who would rather not learn the lessons the hard way: To request a discovery call with our team click this link: Be sure to let us know which of the 13 Best Practices resonated with you the most by commenting below. Top 13 Real-World & Proven Best Practices For Running A Successful Construction Business In 2021 1. Know Your Ideal Client, Or You'll Work For Anyone! 2. You're a Business Owner, But You Must Become a Great Marketer! 3. It’s Not Personal, It’s Business! 4. Less Is More! 3 Ideal Clients Is Just as Profitable As dealing with 6 Not Ideal/Toxic Clients! 5. Free Is The Most Expensive! Never Give Anything Away...Give More Value Instead! 6. Create/Follow A Documented Process that always gets refined.. with each project! 7. Prove It With Video, They say it was done & done correctly right? Have them Prove It by sending a video proving it! This will solve a lot of problems once implemented! 8. Don’t Reduce Your Price, Find Other Ways To Give Added Value Instead! 9. Don’t Let the Client Lead You! 10. Make all the Selections Upfront! 11. Create a Change Order Consideration Fee In Your Contract! 12. Add A Disagreement Resolution Clause Your Contract! 13. Add A 10% Buffer & a Cost Escalation Clause In Your Contract. After implementing these 13 Best Practices in our business has dramatically changed for the better, we have Automated Our Sales Intake Process and are able to not only sort Ideal Clients from Not Ideal Clients, but we are able to now focus on clients who are in complete alignment with how we do business and we are closing $500,000 deals in our very first meeting consistently! If you'd like to know exactly how to implement each of these 13 Best Practices into our business and how you can do the same in your Construction Business we take on a few Fellow Contractors as Mentee or on Consultant Bases. Our Fees for Coaching range are discussed once we have a clear understanding of what your goals are. If you're a Construction Business Owner and you're needing some help, guidance or mentorship.....fill out our intake form to schedule a time to talk with us, Click Here to schedule your session @South Eastern General Contractors @Matt Risinger @HGTV @Home RenoVision DIY @Lowe's Home Improvement @The Home Depot @Home Repair Tutor @Everyday Home Repairs @Modern Builds @RR Buildings @Perkins Builder Brothers @NAHB International Builders' Show

The Custom Construction Dream Team


Custom Home Builders: Top 11 Skills to Master

Custom Home Builders: Top 11 Skills To Master in 2021 1. Branding/Marketing Skills 2. Business Acumen Skills 3. Communication Skills 4. Problem Solving Skills 5. Presuasion/Persuasion Skills 6. Reading People/Discernment Skills 7. Critical Thinking/Working Under Pressure 8. Process/Procedure Management Skills 9. Relationship Management Skills 10. Strategy/Role Playing Skills 11. Mentoring & Training Skills

Learn How To Master The Home Building Process: Following Our System & Procedures.

#HomeBuildingProcess Signup For Early Bird Access To Our Contractors Academy Private Group by clicking the link below. MasterIng the Custom Home Build Process by: ✅ Following The Step By Step Process We Have Developed & Constantly Refine with Each Custom Home We Design & Build. ✅ Watch Us Follow The Steps On This Real World Actual Construction Project. ✅ Learn The WHY behind The Processes & Master The Process Quicker, Easier With Way Less Frustration & Costly Mistakes. ✅ Learn The Strategies & Business Insider Típs That We Use In Our Own Design/Build Business. Tag someone You know in the Contruction Business who you think would love to learn the ins and outs of the Design/Build Busienss following our proven signature step by step process : their Training Video Course will be for our Contractors Academy website where we will be teaching, sharing and mentoring fellow contractors or aspiring contractors in order to help them reach their full potential easier & faster.....based on our real world experience running our Design/Build Business at South Eastern General Contractors If you want to get the early bird discount for our full training course where I walk you through the entire Design/Build Process using one of our real Design/Build projects..... fill out the form below... to get on the early bird list...

THINKING 🤔 AHEAD....Solving Problems on Construction Job sites before they happen?

How To: 🤔 Think Ahead, Anticípate Potential Issues & Come Up With Plan A & Plan B Solutions to Problems in advance. So that you are not being reactive to solving problems but preventing problem them from happening. #ProblemSolving #ThinkAhead #PredictTheFutureOnYourJobsite

Billy Gene Is Marketing VIDEO REACTION: If i lost it all....

Reaction Video: Billy Gene Marketing: “If I lost it all & had 30 days...This video is my worst nightmare, realized…” #GrantCardone #DaymondJohn #CoffieZilla #BillyGeneIsMarketing #ReactionVideos

Ways To Find Sub👷🏼‍♂️Contractors & Vendors For Your Construction 🚧 Business!

Ways To Find Quality Sub Contractors & Vendors for your Construction Business 1. “Online Review Sites” 2. “Referrals” from Quality Trade Pros 3. “Referrals” from Specialty Suppliers 4. “Referrals” from Inspectors 5. “Referrals” from Architects/Engineers 6. “Referrals” from GC’s 7. “Constructions Site Visits” 8. “YouTube Searches” 9. “List Of Permits Issued” 10. “Photos” of Branded Vehicles 11. “Local Industry Events” 12. “Local HBA Website Directory”

Custom Home Walkthrough Fayetteville NC


How to estimate Concrete Footings for a Custom Home Foundation


Custom Home Builders Secret To Mastering The Punch List Process Revealed!

Custom Home Builders Secret To Mastering The Punch List Process Revealed! Also, Ralphael gives his son a surprise training session on "Assuming The Sale" while on the job site! In this video, we show how we use Video in Messenger Groups to eliminate miss communication with Vendors, Trade Partners, and Sub-Contractors when going through our Punch List Process at the closeout stage for each of our Custom Homes that we complete. It's way better than using Punch lists the old fashion way with just using paper for digital forms. Eliminate miss-communication once and for all, easily with a free tool you are probably already using. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: https://www.southeasternhomebuilder... SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: #CustomHomeBuilder #CustomHomeBuilderNorthCarolina #CustomHome #CustomHomeBuilderRaleighNC #CustomHomeBuilderPinehurstNC #CustomHomeBuilderSouthernPinesNC #MillionDollarCustomHomeBuilder Call & Book Your Strategy Session With Ralphael Locklear 910-653-1045

We Don't Just Build Great Homes, We Build So Much More...

An Example Of What Good Company Culture Looks Like and Why It's Important For Team Members To Love Their Craft! A Great Company Culture Is Essential To Every Company's Success! #CompanyCultureExamples #CompanyCulture #HowToCreateTheIdealCulture #CompanyCulture #companycultureexamples #corporateculture #organizationalculture #workculture #whatiscompanyculture #companyculturevideo #businessculture #whyculturematters #organisationalculture

Thinking Of Building Your Dream Home? Watch This Before You Get Started

#CustomHomeBuilding #DreamHomes #FayettevilleNC #SouthernPinesNC #PinehurstNC Thinking Of Building Your Dream Home? Watch This Before You Get Started Text -or- Call 910-653-1045 to learn how to make sure you get your Custom Home Build Project off to the correct start! Visit:
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